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11 Budget-Friendly Interior Design Ideas

Improving your home’s look and feel doesn’t need to be expensive. Here are eleven tips you can follow to bring some flair to your home!

  1. Instead of buying expensive drapes, you can use cheaper painter’s drop cloths.
  2. Convert an unused closet into a simple work desk, a mini craft room, or just remove it to gain more space.
  3. You can use old crates as pieces of furniture. You can stack them to create bookshelves. You can join them together to form a coffee table. The possibilities are endless.
  4. Redecorate your glass canisters or mason jars by painting or sticking on some designs or decals. You can even use nail polish to embellish them.
  5. Add wheels to your pieces of furniture. It’ll allow for a quick rearrangement or redecoration of your rooms.
  6. Place your colored bottle glasses beside or near your window. They can produce wonderful and even psychedelic shades of light. This is an affordable way to achieve that stained glass lighting effect.

    bottle deco
    Place Some Colored bottles near the window. Voila, Stained Glass Effect!
  7. Redesign your lampshade. You can add some designs by using nail polish, or you can cover it with colored paper. Its beauty will rely on the limits of your creativity.
  8. You can design a normal rug by stenciling on it. You can do this by just getting a pair of scissors and start lettering by cutting some of the rug’s fibers. Another way is, again to use nail polish, and start lettering.
  9. Get your old magazines and calendars. Cut out all the cool pictures you see on them. After that, get some cardboard and make a patchwork design out of the pictures. Then frame them as if they’re Da Vinci’s masterpieces, and hang them on your walls for added drama.
  10. Just clean your house and keep it spic and span. That’s the most inexpensive way for you to beautify your home. Actually, this should be the first step if you’re thinking of redecorating your home! A clutter-free home will literally make room for ideas to spring forth.

    house cleaning
    Bring Out The Vacuum and Broom and Clean Your House.
  11. Inexpensiveness is based on the DIY redecorator’s wallet. If you have a few dollars to spare, getting some wall paint will open a lot of redesigning ideas for your home.



  1. Even you think the trash things that you said were useless can be useful again by giving them a makeover. Definitely will save your money instead of buying a new one.

  2. Instead of buying new things for your house, you can recycle things that are not usable and will be a great thing to be use to decorate your house. Not only your home can be appealing to look because of the design, it is also a big help to your savings.

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