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Green Tips: Saving Money and Energy at Home

Cut down on major and minor expenses at home by going green! By doing so, you can save on utility bills, and practice energy efficiency which can ultimately benefit you and your country’s resources.

In the United States alone, an alarming study shows that the average American uses 313 million British thermal unit or BTUs (unit of heat) of energy. This is more than four times the worldwide average, which is 75 million BTUs per person. Also, in most buildings today, almost 30% of the energy is unnecessarily or inefficiently used.

Where to Start

Fluorescent Bulb
Compact, Powerful and Energy Saving. What more could you ask for.

The key to saving energy is to view your home as an entire system with parts or regions that work together. For example, if you have a top-shelf furnace system to heat your place, but also have leaky and poorly insulated ducts, walls, doors, and windows, you’ll still be spending more than you actually should. To start your energy cuts at home, the first thing to do is check your home.

By making a home energy assessment, you can see what appliances and systems in the house use the most energy, and start cutting from there. You can do your own home assessment, or you can get help from professionals for a more detailed one. When doing your assessment, check your lighting needs, and find ways to reduce light usage with sensors, dimmers, or timers. You can start using fluorescent lightbulbs, as they use 80% less energy than the typical bulb.

After your assessment, create a plan detailing where to cut energy usage. Where is the most energy used? Where can you cut down on energy usage? Will you hire a contractor, or do the changes yourself? These are the major things to consider.

Start Using Smart Meters

This type of meter will benefit you a lot: It displays the energy use in your home, helps find ways to save both money and energy, and allows minor adjustments like hiking or lowering the thermostat, or switching appliances on or off.

Other Simple, Everyday Tips

Home Insulation
Insulating Your Home Can Save You A Lot of Money.

Another tip for doing your own home assessment is checking your home’s insulation — ceilings, floors, walls, and crawl spaces. Also, don’t forget to check possible leaks which can hike up your energy usage. Check your walls, outlets, ceilings, doors, and windows for such leaks.

In addition, always check to see if windows and doors are properly closed when using your heating or cooling system. Practice air drying clothes and dishes. Turn off and unplug appliances when not in use. That’s because plugged appliances still consume electricity, and make up about 75% of the electric bill in most homes in America.



  1. Right on! I saved a couple of bucks just by using energy-saving lightbulbs. I didn’t believe it at first but it really does work!

  2. Good thing I came across this blog. My electricity bill is so freaking huge. I need some tips to cut it off. Thanks for this post! I’ll try these tips!

  3. Most of us here still letting our appliances plugged even if we don’t use them. Didn’t know that they still consume electricity and your money.

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