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Real Estate 2017 – Which are the Best U.S. Cities to Invest In?

Wondering where to park your housing buck to achieve the most bang in 2017? Whether you’re buying property to live in or to lease out for regular rental income, there are plenty of available options in the bustling and bullish real estate market in America. So, which are the best U.S. cities to invest in this year? Here are the hottest picks.


The Mile-High City Has One Of The Most Robust Economies.

The capital city of Colorado is literally the highest big city in the entire U.S. — thus the reason it’s nicknamed as the country’s Mile-High City (its elevation is a mile exactly).

For the last few years, this city has been among the best and most recommended places to buy and own properties. Residents’ overall satisfaction, coupled with a robust economy (strong job market and an ideal population growth rate), makes it a truly good place in which to invest real estate money.

San Jose

There is natural allure to this city that’s surrounded by beautiful rolling hills within Silicon Valley in California. Because it’s the seat of a major technology hub, its strong economy and job market make it a good area for property investment.


Fayetteville Arkansas
Arkansas’ Third Largest City, Fayetteville.

Arkansas’ third biggest city and home to the prestigious University of Arkansas is also among the fastest-growing metropolitan centers in the state. With its healthy population growth of over 6% (mostly attributable to migration) and among the lowest unemployment rates compared to most cities in the country, no one can underestimate the importance of this city in the current real estate investment market.


Best known as the cradle for major global firms like Starbucks, Amazon, and Microsoft, the largest city in the state of Washington has also been among the most popular real estate markets in all of the U.S. Aside from its economic advantage, its geographic location is strategic, leading to rainy but often mild weather, making it popular among homebuyers and retirees who are looking for ideal places to live


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